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War Quotes 46-50

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  War Quotes

A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.
Napoleon Bonaparte

A visitor from Mars could easily pick out the civilized nations. They have the best implements of war.
Herbert V. Prochnow

All war is deception.
Sun Tzu

In modern war… you will die like a dog for no good reason.
Ernest Hemingway

It is well that war is so terrible. We should grow too fond of it.
Robert E. Lee

War Quotes 16-20

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War Quotes

The scenes on this field would have cured anybody of war.
William Tecumseh Sherman

The way to win an atomic war is to make certain it never starts.
Omar N. Bradley

There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.
Niccolo Machiavelli

There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.
Sun Tzu

There is nothing that war has ever achieved that we could not better achieve without it.
Henry Ellis