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Travel Quotes 16-20

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Travel Quotes

You know more of a road by having traveled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world.
William Hazlitt

A journey by Sea and Land, Five Hundred Miles, is not undertaken without money.
Lewis Hallam

A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.
George Edward Moore

I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad.
George Bernard Shaw

The hardest part is to travel, and to be away from your family.
Glenn Tipton

Travel Quotes 1-5

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 Travel Quotes

The time to enjoy a European trip is about three weeks after unpacking.
George Ade

In America there are two classes of travel – first class, and with children.
Robert Benchley

If you travel first class, you think first class and you are more likely to play first class.
Ray Floyd

Travel, which was once either a necessity or an adventure, has become very largely a commodity, and from all sides we are persuaded into thinking that it is a social requirement, too.
Jan Morris

You get educated by traveling.
Solange Knowles