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Sports Quotes 46-50

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Sports Quotes
I had pro offers from the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, who were pretty hard up for linemen in those days. If I had gone into professional football the name Jerry Ford might have been a household word today. 
Gerald R. Ford 

I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators. 
Gerald R. Ford 

Bobby Knight told me this: 'There is nothing that a good defense cannot beat a better offense.' In other words a good offense wins. 
Dan Quayle 

All hockey players are bilingual. They know English and profanity. 
Gordie Howe
All sports for all people. 
Pierre de Coubertin

Science Quotes 11-15

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Science Quotes
Bush reiterated his stand to conservatives opposing his decision on stem cell research. He said today he believes life begins at conception and ends at execution. 
Jay Leno 

Each problem that I solved became a rule, which served afterwards to solve other problems. 
Rene Descartes 

For NASA, space is still a high priority. 
Dan Quayle 

Science is organized common sense where many a beautiful theory was killed by an ugly fact. 
Thomas Huxley 

Science is simply common sense at its best, that is, rigidly accurate in observation, and merciless to fallacy in logic. 
Thomas Huxley

Politics Quotes 171-175

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Politics Quotes
Turn on to politics, or politics will turn on you. 
Ralph Nader 

Vote for the man who promises least; he'll be the least disappointing. 
Bernard Baruch 

I do have a political agenda. It's to have as few regulations as possible. 
Dan Quayle 

I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. 
Will Rogers 

I have a fantasy where Ted Turner is elected President but refuses because he doesn't want to give up power. 
Arthur C. Clarke