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Movies Quotes 16-20

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Movies Quotes
Even if I set out to make a film about a fillet of sole, it would be about me. 
Federico Fellini 

Every great film should seem new every time you see it. 
Roger Ebert 

If my films don't show a profit, I know I'm doing something right. 
Woody Allen 

The movies we love and admire are to some extent a function of who we are when we see them. 
Mary Schmich 

The secret to film is that it's an illusion. 
George Lucas

Movies Quotes 1-5

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Movies Quotes
I'm married to the theater but my mistress is the films. 
Oskar Werner 

I've always been an animal lover. I've grown up with dogs my whole life. I think that is what helped me get the role on 'Lassie', I was comfortable around the dog, where many of the kids were afraid or intimidated by Lassie. 
Will Estes 

Everyone told me to pass on Speed because it was a 'bus movie.' 
Sandra Bullock 

Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood. 
Walt Disney 

Nobody makes movies bad on purpose. 
Roland Emmerich

Movies Quotes 11-15

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Movies Quotes
Everything makes me nervous - except making films. 
Elizabeth Taylor 

Every single art form is involved in film, in a way. 
Sydney Pollack 

Everybody's a filmmaker today. 
John Milius 

You read a script and its based on 'Reservoir Dogs' and 'Pulp Fiction', and it goes right in the bin. 
Tim Roth 

A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what's behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later. 
Stanley Kubrick

Movies Quotes 21-25

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Movies Quotes
Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world. 
Jean-Luc Godard 

There's only one thing that can kill the movies, and that's education. 
Will Rogers 

This film cost $31 million. With that kind of money I could have invaded some country. 
Clint Eastwood 

Am I a romantic? I've seen 'Wuthering Heights' ten times. I'm a romantic. 
Johnny Depp 

Movies are something people see all over the world because there is a certain need for it. 
Wim Wenders

Movies Quotes 26-30

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Movies Quotes
A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake. 
Alfred Hitchcock 

A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end... but not necessarily in that order. 
Jean-Luc Godard 

We are the movies and the movies are us. 
David Ansen 

When you make a film you usually make a film about an idea. 
Sydney Pollack 

Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out. 
Martin Scorsese